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Chic Tops For Girls In Ireland

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Finding the right tops for girls in Ireland is like trying to look for a needle in a haystack! Other than being overly priced, the quality is not always premium either. But, you can put all that frustration to the side now. 24 Chick Fashion has got your back! 

We have more than 10 different clothing categories that you can scour through when looking for the perfect top. Our collection is vast and trendy - so finding the right product won’t be that hard for you. 

From chic blouses to sexy mesh tops; 24 Chick Fashion has it all! 

Sexy Mesh Tops For Girls 

If you are planning a day out with your boo, or just want to hang out with the girlies, why not opt for our beautiful mesh top in red for the occasion? This bright and bold red top is perfect when paired with a leatherette skirt. Throw in a pair of hoop earrings, and maybe a gold bracelet to add that extra oomph to your OOTD! 

The top features a bodysuit design, with the sleeves being of mesh - so you get that perfect balance between comfort and sexy. You can find the product in many different sizes too. The puffed-up sleeves are made of organza material, which is lightweight and flowy. 

On the other hand, the hem is coupled with elastic, thus making the entire product well-fitted, but not awkwardly tight. You can see what the item looks like in reality on our featured model! 

Night Out With Boo!

If red is not your color, why not try out our most popular silk top in navy blue? This top is super sexy, but not over-the-top (pun intended) either. You can pair it with leather leggings, or even a skirt to change up the entire look. 

We love seeing our customers with their hairdo up when adorning this beautiful silky top. Such an outfit accentuates the neck and highlights your neckpieces too. Go for a simple but gorgeous locket, and maybe just small earrings to make your outfit pop at night! 

The silk top in navy shade is made from a mixture of polyester and elastane material. As a result, you can expect it to be soft and flowy at all times. Don’t worry about sweat stains either, as the material nicely absorbs all moisture, without letting it show! 

What Else We Have 

Other than tops for girls, we also have a bunch of other items that every woman must own in their wardrobe! From silk masks to even hair care products - our collection is varied with only the best items. 

You can also find many other products in our store, such as shoes, cardigans, lingerie, skincare products, and even oral care! The list is vast and endless. Bridesmaids’ can also seek help from our on-field consultant when trying to find the perfect dress to wear to a wedding. 

We have many different kinds of dresses, and with varied sizing charts as well. There is something for every woman in 24 Chick Fashion!