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Soft And Stretchable Leggings For Yoga Sessions 

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24 Chick Fashion has the best leggings for yoga sessions. Our leggings are made from breathable fabric material, therefore ensuring zero sweat when you wear them for long hours on end. 

But, what makes our leggings unique, you ask? Well, for starters, we always manufacture each item with a combination of different materials. This makes sure the item does not irritate the skin or cause rashes and breakouts.

On top of that, the combination itself is rather unique. For example, our best seller leggings are made from a mix of polyester, polyurethane, and also elastane. But, we will get to that specific product later. 

For now, give us a call or simply text us on Messenger if you would like to know more about us. 

Leather Leggings For Yoga 

Wearing leather leggings for yoga sessions - does that sound too good to be true? Or, does it make you feel icky? Whatever the case may be, we hope our reasoning below will calm your nerves. 

For starters, know that even though stated to be of leather, these leggings are a combination of the materials we mentioned above. As a result, the mixture of polyester, PU, and elastane do not cause any skin irritation. At the same time, you get perfect air circulation at all times. 

Wearing our leather leggings not only makes your legs look fabulous, but they also feel comfortable! We know, people seem to have contradictory opinions about leather leggings in general. But hey, if it is comfy and you can rock it, then why not wear it anyway? 

Soft Cotton For High Waisted Jeans 

On the other hand, we also have high-waisted jeans in our bottoms collection. These items are much softer than their leather counterparts, as they are made from cotton. The unique combination of cotton and polyester makes the jeans very durable, but also easy on the skin. 

The fit is accurate as well, so you can pair it up with any loose or flowy top. Also, our jeans come with rips on the knees and thighs too, so that adds some dimension to the pairs! Wear it down with a plain tee, or a fancy satin top for a night out with your boo. 

Faux Leather Leggings For Days!

Unlike the plain leather leggings, this faux alternative is a tad simpler in terms of the pleats. The product has a smoother surface, so you can wear it down with literally any kind of top you want without overdoing the look. 

Our favorite is wearing this item with the soft white-colored wrap-over cardigan from our collection. Throw on some simple earrings, and maybe a tiny locket to add more detail to your outfit. Also, our cream clutch bag can add that extra oomph to the entire look! 

Breathable Leggings For Yoga 

Our leggings for yoga are made from premium fabric materials that feel soft and easy on the skin. You won’t find a better alternative to our leggings collection for women.