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Our Leggings Have High Waist Lines 

leggings high waist

Can’t find comfortable and breathable leggings with a high waist? Well, your struggle is finally over! We have an impressive collection of durable and trendy leggings, made from amazing materials. 

We ensure breathability in all our products, hence making every item from non-allergenic materials. The most common fabric materials we use are cotton, elastane, polyester, etc. However, the percentage of each material varies from outfit to outfit. 

But, the quality of each clothing item is the same for all - which is exceptional and unparalleled! We do deliveries all over Ireland, so give us a call if you want to make a purchase. We are reliable and friendly, therefore making sure each order is an experience for the customer. 

Why Leggings With High Waists Are Trending 

You will see more people donning high-waisted leggings instead of low-cut ones. Why? Well, mostly because they are so convenient to wear. Not only do high-waisted leggings properly tuck in your tummy the right way, but they also flatter your shape. 

High-waisted leggings are also easier to pair with different kinds of tops. For example, our faux leather leggings in the black shade look stunning when worn with a satin crop top! On the other hand, you can wear our high-waisted blue jeans with wrap-over blouses for a chic look. 

Such leggings also look great with high heels, or normal flats. We think pairing high-waisted leggings with stilettos look fantastic for a night out! At the same time, wearing it with simple sneakers can give you that girl-next-door vibe. 

Our Collection Is Just Right For You!

We have a variety of leggings for customers, all made to the right size for you. We ensure every product to be breathable and stretchable, therefore providing customers with optimal comfort. On top of that, our leggings are made from non-allergic materials, so your skin will not get irritated even when wearing our leather leggings. 

If that seems too fancy for you, consider going for our high-waisted jeans, which are equally comfortable! This item is ideal for casual runs to the market, and date nights. You can couple it with any kind of top for a glamorous look, without coming off too strong. 

The leather leggings are made from a combination of polyester, elastane, and polyurethane. On the other hand, the jeans are made with cotton and polyester. All our leggings are stretchable, and convenient to wear. The pockets are loose and wide enough to accommodate your phone and keys. You can even throw in a wallet if you want to be completely hands-free! 

24 Chick Fashion Provides Reliable Customer Service 

For leggings with a high waist, there is no store better than us in Ireland! Our collection is the trendiest in the entire country, so you can find the best deals here. On top of that, we are also available around the clock, so contact us with any queries you might have. 

Our customer service will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also seek assistance from our consultant for bridesmaids’ wear tidbits.